I’m suddenly and wonderfully too busy to write a proper blog post this week, so a list of things:

  • Your faithful narrator was quoted in the Wall Street Journal! On the topic of NYU Secrets, specifically, which I blogged about a few weeks ago. Great to talk to a WSJ reporter; even better to help point said reporter towards what I felt was important, i.e., the sexual harassment, and then see it reflected in the story.
  • Schedule finally settled for the semester! I’m taking Creative Writing, a class called Gender and Communication, another called Privacy and the Media about the Internet, and Russian. Also, on the side, a weekly Czech class– I might be going to Prague in the spring!
  • So– if all goes well, by the end of this semester, I should have a passable command of Spanish, Russian, Czech, and English. Which is not bad.
  • Some angel smiled on me and I have landed myself not one but two jobs. The first is an administrative job for one of NYU’s theater programs– the official title is “Production Assistant”, from what I can tell it involves a lot of making checklists and a lot of photocopying invoices. The other is definitely in a TBA stage- more later!
  • Currently in my fridge: mushrooms, spinach, and a zucchini. Five-year-old Hannah is absolutely furious at me right now, but let’s be real, if five-year-old Hannah could taste the sautéed mushrooms I made last night, she’d forgive me anything.
  • Also in my fridge: a cannoli from this Italian bakery I found over in the East Village. Yeah, yeah, I know, but I had a spare dollar and I’d just spent three and a half hours trying to decipher the handwriting on tax forms. And besides, what’s the point of New York if you can’t have the world’s best cannoli every once in a while?
  • I’m watching the sun set over Greenwich Village right now; down in the south, the Manhattan Bridge has started to glitter. Sometimes I think I’ve fallen out of love with New York. Then there are days like today– when I walk by a cement blacktop over on 1st Avenue where children are playing, and see the ivy winding its way through the bricks of a parking lot, when the sky over downtown Manhattan is fading to indigo and shadow and all the little golden lights of all the people on this little island are coming to life like stars, and the water towers are black against the sunset– I can’t describe how much I’m in love with New York. I’m so glad that I’ve been given the chance to build some small part of my life here.

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