Well, I Went and Saw The Interview, I Guess: A Movie Review

This is weird.

Can we all just collectively admit this is weird?

This is a bromance movie about killing the leader of a foreign country and then a corporation was threatened, allegedly by said foreign country, with public humiliation if they released it, and then the entire United States became very focused on the corporation releasing it. President Obama gave a speech about it. President Obama gave a speech about this movie.

This is very weird.

The movie was – okay? I guess? It’s currently got 49% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is probably about what it deserves? It had the guy who plays Jonah on Veep, which was pretty cool. There was some racist stuff and also some sexist stuff, which, you know, is fairly typical for a bromance-centric comedy. (Brom-com? Can we make brom-com a thing?) They also did a lot of that thing where the two male leads have a lot of sexual tension that’s played for laughs but are actually super heterosexual, which I’m kind of bored with as a trope, but whatever, that’s me being picky.

I don’t think it should be banned, but, like, I don’t think anybody in the world actually thinks it should be banned except the Guardians of Peace people. So.

The theater was sold out. I was under the impression that most of you Christmassy people don’t usually go and do the Christmas-morning-movie thing, so – unless I see a crowd of Christian families tonight at Little Shin Shin I’m going to assume that my people’s traditions are safe from gentile-trification and hazard a guess that most of these folks were at the movies specifically because they wanted to see The Interview.

That’s also weird. That’s weird, right? Tell me that’s weird.

I went to go see it because my family was going to see it; my family went to go see it because it was “an experience,” they said. “It’s released online,” I said. My brother said to me, very seriously, “It’s, like, you can blog about protests, or you can go to a protest.”

(It’s worth noting that my brother has repeatedly mentioned to me, often in a very sarcastic fashion, that he does not believe blogs and social media are the most effective way of creating social change and/or leading a full and healthy life. He’s made this opinion very clear over the weekend. I can’t imagine what might have spurred this sudden interest in making fun of people who blog. It’s a mystery.)

So we all went to see The Interview, for Freedom, and for America. Which – honestly, this is weird because this whole Sony catastrophe went down just after the CIA torture report was released. I mean, it’s a hell of a 180, isn’t it? Even if we’re not going to see the movie For America, which obviously most of us aren’t – two weeks ago I was packing a lunchbox with a vinegar-soaked bandana and disposable earplugs because my local police department had tear gassed and sound-cannoned my friends and I was scared they were going to do it to me too, and, well, today I’m all rah-rah-take-them-down over our sort-of-not-really archnemesis North Korea. Unless our archnemesis is still Iran, or Russia, or possibly Drugs?

Regardless: I’m getting whiplash.

This is really weird. I’m not the only one who thinks this, right? This is a very weird thing. This is about the weirdest possible way to close off the year.

I don’t have a movie review system but I guess I’m giving The Interview like, six out of ten. You can go see it if you want. Literally no one is going to stop you.


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